Key Pieces of Knowledge

Key pieces of knowledge when entering recovery/therapy for emotional/Spiritual problems (Scott’s opinions)

My feelings are not good decision makers
Emotional spells STOP and get alone until I’ve reasoned things out with someone I trust and God
I may never feel different about certain things but forgiveness and love are MUSTS
Love and forgiveness are DECISIONS not feelings
I cannot recover alone or without help beyond man’s capability
I can change my attitude
I will always be me and though I may cope better and set wonderful boundaries as God gives me wisdom
Only God can change the fundamental me

Every moment in and of itself is possible to endure and together WE can be WELL!

This is “turn it over month” at Sharing The Burden. We focus on doing our best and asking for God’s direction each day giving to God everything that we cannot solve.

Try AA’s 3rd step prayer for your problem