As Long As We Recognize Our Own Powerlessness

How to listen to God, 

Click on this at the bottom of our website and experiment with two way contact with God.
Arrange one of these unique encounters any time with us. We would love to walk you through a process that has made our relationship to the living God, very real!
This a way to “come to belief” immediately, so that you can work your program of life (whatever that may be) with the Power of the Spirit of the almighty Creator of the universe.
Yes we are all human and will still experience all the flaws of humanity, but we will have a sense of CONNECTION to the God that orchestrates the whole thing, in a way like no other (my honest belief anyway)!
In recovery work, the Spiritual connection has been the answer all along; unfortunately many programs consider the spiritual part to be optional or accessible only after a length of time in recovery. I strongly disagree! FIND YOUR GOD AND CONNECT, THEN YOUR PROGRAM WILL WORK!