This week we moved into our look at believing (possibly when we first believed) and how today, that no matter how long ago or recent that was, we still need to “remember when we did not believe”, when things seemed hopeless! These “remember when experiences” keep us coming back to […]

Believing Together is So Much Easier!

Well the talk today is all about the stigma attached to mental illness. We know today that addiction is a progressive disease rather than a poor set of choices. With that in mind let’s give those afflicted with this deadly disease, the same recognition as mental illness (it is after […]

The Stigma Attached to Mental Illness

We find immediately as we enter a support program that we have little power to change much in our lives, although we do have the gift of FREE WILL. We can make choices; the big question is, “what will be the basis for our process in making those decisions”? How […]

What Drives my Program for Life?

“The morning after” and “not disqualified” are the titles of two Life Recovery Journal sharings relating to Peter’s handling of denying his Master three times and his being sought out afterward by his Master to continue the work that they had started. These great demonstrations of unconditional love are powerful […]

Life Recovery Journal sharings

“I must give it away in order to keep it!” We mean that wherever we have been able to overcome a wrong behaviour, be it criminal, illness, addiction or whatever; when we seek out another sufferer and share our success story, we greatly increase our ability to retain the gift […]

Evidence follows freedom

Developing Sharing-Power? So we have worked a program to the best of our ability for the last 12 months. WE recognized how powerless we were to fix ourselves with will power and we accepted that God could! WE asked God to take over the reins in all areas moving ahead! […]

Developing Sharing-Power?