Burying Talent

Beware of Hoarding or Burying Your Talents

As we work the steps of Sharing The Burden (basically the original 12 steps with minor adaptation) and I get to three where a decision to turn over ALL to the God who created, owns and ever will do so, all that I could possess or cherish; I am slightly uncomfortable!

Why has more not been accomplished and why has God not found me worthy of being steward over what so many others are?

Then I am reminded, especially today, by the Life Recovery Devotional’s sharing from Matthew 25 on the talents and their distribution. In this parable, the frightened servant simply hid his talent so that it could not be lost or exploited in some way. In other words, his having this talent was a total waste because it did nothing for anyone. God gave him something to work with and he hid it from all and everyone. He was not rewarded for such!

So to seek our God given talent(s), exploit, share and grow with the energy inherent in it, seems absolutely necessary! This was the part God gave for us to do!

Could our faith be measured by our willingness to turn it all over and make it available to God and our fellow man? Could one be transparent with buried motives and secrets? Could God have given any of us anything that was to be hoarded?