Steps to Recovery

Prayer Power
The prospect of “turning our will over to God” What experience do I have in turning anything serious over to anyone? Does will suggest power; if you release it, are you powerless? Do you know and trust your God to the point where you can honestly do this? Interesting because you cannot see your […]

From Powerless to Prayer-Power

Key pieces of knowledge when entering recovery/therapy for emotional/Spiritual problems (Scott’s opinions) My feelings are not good decision makers Emotional spells STOP and get alone until I’ve reasoned things out with someone I trust and God I may never feel different about certain things but forgiveness and love are MUSTS […]

Key Pieces of Knowledge

After 20 years of 12 step, the 2nd step spoke differently to me this month as we began our dig into its significance. We spend the corresponding month (2nd month February-Step 2) focused on the depth and totality of each step, searching out its spiritual message and its special teaching […]

Why We Came?