Prayer Power

From Powerless to Prayer-Power

The prospect of “turning our will over to God”

What experience do I have in turning anything serious over to anyone?
Does will suggest power; if you release it, are you powerless?
Do you know and trust your God to the point where you can honestly do this?
Interesting because you cannot see your will nor can you see God.

So then by faith we make a decision to give up our so-called will-power to a God, whom we may only have recently encountered! We are dealing, in most cases with something that has gotten control of us (addiction, compulsion,mental illness e.g.), and we have tried everything that man has to offer without success. However as humans, we still feel that our sense of so-called control must be available to us! To become devoid of power, leaves us where? I beleive it leaves us very dependent on God who, in the beginning is pretty much a mystery! What a leap!

We do it because we are desperate and we have immediate access to thousands of stories that resemble our own, many with far greater negative circumstances. People who have taken the same steps and are now functional joyous and free. They are also very much connected to God who they did not know very well in the beginning either. So we listen to them and we hang on, agreeing to do whatever it takes to get what they have-a functional, Godly and practical way of life! NAKED TRANSPARENT AND VULNERABLE WE BEGIN OUR JOURNEY TO FREEDOM! We find prayer power that will operate for and with us and we marvel at the success. We stay close to those who have gone before us and with patience we learn how to listen to God  and experience His Spirit at work in our lives. We are about ready to move to the “taking stock or inventory” of who we are and how we got to here. Our morality gets exposed here. In our form of recovery we are moving into Step 4.
1-Recognized a problem we were powerless over
2-Accepted the idea that God could help
3-Decided to turn our will and selves over to God
4-Let’s find out who we are and how we got here (inventory time)