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Overcoming Obstacles

Every obstacle that you overcome in this life is something that adds to who you are which adds to your value which adds to the possibility of you being able to help somebody else out of a situation that they may not be able to help themselves out of. You may save lives by overcoming obstacles.

Remember that there is someone out there who absolutely has to hear your story of how you got past that obstacle or this obstacle or a tragic area of your life and whatever it is, you’ve survived to now and you have a story which will likely save another life probably a life belonging to someone who is not quite as strong as you at this time.

Please don’t pass by the opportunity to tell your story or pieces of it to whomever you walk by and feel in your gut that there’s a need for something! Don’t pass by; stop, turn around, let it sink in! It’s unbelievable but it’s absolutely true.

Overcoming Obstacles and Sharing Saves Lives

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