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Are you really addicted
Lloyd’s story started early and on the streets. He got into drugs so early that he was sure he was an addict. He attended programs and treatment centres but he went because others pushed him. He earned steady money and always worked even though he lived in missions for years […]

Are you really addicted?

Seeking My Purpose - Sharing The Burden Radio Broadcast
We must ask, want and seek after the issues in our lives that keep us from our dreams or purposes!. Seeking honestly and diligently we can over come obstacles which blocks us from Seeking our purpose of life here. Immediately stop whenever you see something in another person that really […]

Seeking My Purpose!

Prayer Power
Resentment is the biggest enemy of the ADDICT/COMPULSIVE because it is the biggest cause of relapse!!, Resentment needs immediate attention. If we bury a seed of resentment, it will produce more and greater resentment which will trigger ESCAPE! Shanon found that by taking inventory of her emotions, God allowed her […]

Forgive Resentments or Relapse

STBRadio Podcast - A Warriors Journey To God
Two veterans, Stéphane and Karen meet in the army after both had been deployed to combat zones! They fall in love, marry and find God together! Their focus changes and Stéphane, with God’s help, gets free of drugs, booze and pornography! Having very little relationship with his dad creates a […]

A warrior’s journey to God

Sharing The Burden - Home Page Image
Sheldon was sexually abused by a trusted male babysitter. At 8 years old he was stabbed and his hand was badly damaged by a relative. Violent beatings, belt buckles and punches all over the body from an alcoholic stepdad and watching his mom being beaten took a toll! He started […]

Drug use caused blindness for Sheldon

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Carl who has PTSD says that by the grace of God, he found the fire department and emergency services! He made great money after a while. He started the hunt for “more” in all aspects of life, power, property and prestige. Too much drinking and the hunt eventually left him […]


Sharing The Burden - Home Page Image
Sharing The Burden people believe that building our Godly relationship is so important! We imagine being yoked together with the ALMIGHTY and then we automatically do what we are supposed to do. God leads and He can only go to the right place! We share God’s burden of running the […]

Yoked to the Almighty

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Our Guest this week Jessica Santonato is an award-winning author and Ted Talk speaker. She comes with a very different story that explains how she was able to forgive the man who tried to kill her! Forgiveness was the freeing tool for Jessica. By not running and by forgiving she […]

“I’m thankful he tried to kill me”

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STBRadio Live Tuesdays on 102.9 WhistleFM at 1000am(eastern time) weekly. This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Lloyd and Sue Live on STBRadio Show” Part I Part II Part III Share Tweet Copy link to Share: Copy Link Your contribution can make a difference! You can also donate by […]

Lloyd and Sue Live on STBRadio Broadcast

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We learn to accept that to grow we must overcome our problems! We thank the Almighty God for each and every obstacle no matter how much it hurts. Sharing our burdens and telling stories about these obstacles starts a chain reaction. Fewer people are alone! Lloyd exists today as a […]

Understanding the Almighty