STBRadio Podcast - A Warriors Journey To God

A warrior’s journey to God

Two veterans, Stéphane and Karen meet in the army after both had been deployed to combat zones! They fall in love, marry and find God together!

Their focus changes and Stéphane, with God’s help, gets free of drugs, booze and pornography!

Having very little relationship with his dad creates a need in Stéphane that was never solved until he started a relationship with his heavenly father. He is now going to spend precious time with his dad who he now loves and has compassion for.

Sharing his story in prison helps many inmates find God and move ahead in life. Sharing the burden of fatherless lives is also foremost in is efforts to guide people to God!

STBRadio Broadcast - A warrior's journey to God
STBRadio Live Tuesdays on 102.9 WhistleFM at 1000am(eastern time) weekly.

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “A warrior’s journey to God”

Part I

Part II

Part III

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