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Accepting God as a possibility

STBRadio Broadcast - Accepting God as a possibility
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Accepting God as a possibility

Part-1: Coming to believe

This means to me (Scott), after many years that I came to the philosophy to learn how to really believe and build a relationship with the substance of that belief! We knew something beyond , was needed but what?

Part-2: Hope is futuristic

millions have already found productivity and can live a normal happy life using this step philosophy! There are approximately 10 million persons in sobriety (alcohol and drugs and approximately 80 million are living more peacefully because the using or abusing has stopped. Allof these need an amount of recovery! Our stories of overcoming as growth often give the Spiritually-bent persons the courage to undertake the recovery road to freedom!

Part-3: What is belief?

Emotional thoughts about others and there ways, spoken through emotion, are WRONG and IMPURE, simply because emotion is a great contributor to any event. All of us must put principals before personalities and speak or act out only when we are emotionally sober! Emotion must NOT be the motivation behind any action if it is to be pure and real! Love is the answer and the task cannot be complete without it! God is the only real teacher of love! Seek your God!

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