Are you really addicted

Are you really addicted?

Lloyd’s story started early and on the streets. He got into drugs so early that he was sure he was an addict. He attended programs and treatment centres but he went because others pushed him. He earned steady money and always worked even though he lived in missions for years and years. He saved plenty to eat well, dress well and use drugs as much as he wanted!

Today Lloyd wonders if he really is an addict and has difficulty trying to get others to do as he did. He learned that trying to control or save others who are not ready, may push them faster to the end! He believes today that only God can really make the change from “have to use” to “possibly not anymore”. 30 to 40 of his close friends have overdosed on FENTANYL and died since he quit using 18 months ago.

Unsure if you are addicted? Ask yourself: 1-Can I stop, have I tried? 2-Is using a social event? 3-What would you do to get your drug of choice (steal, embezzle, trick, simply anything necessary). Spend a little time with non-users! Talk to recovered addicts (not using anymore). Join a 12 step support group until you know for sure! You will discover a way of life worth seeking either way!

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