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Drug use caused blindness for Sheldon

Sheldon was sexually abused by a trusted male babysitter. At 8 years old he was stabbed and his hand was badly damaged by a relative. Violent beatings, belt buckles and punches all over the body from an alcoholic stepdad and watching his mom being beaten took a toll! He started running away and staying in the streets of Toronto. He was afraid to be put into foster homes because he saw how his friend was treated in them!

With no known escape from sadness, drugs became a way of life.

Cocaine addiction resulted in his becoming blind!

An inventory will help anyone isolate the areas that need attention! Lloyd actually inventoried his position in life during a drug-using time with other users. He got up and left drugs on the table for the first time! God allowed him to see clearly that he would die if he continued! He has not touched drugs since, over 17 months ago! His focus now is to bring recovery to others!

We must take stock, in order to see where we are in life!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Drug use caused blindness for Sheldon”

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