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Fentanyl baffles the mind

Fentanyl baffles the mind and seems to have a stronger draw than any other drugs out there! Though death is certain for those who continue, they can return to it anyway and they don’t understand the addiction’s pull themselves. IT’S DIFFERENT!

Steve’s prescription for control is to have secure connections. He will call a counsellor or trusted person. He’s accountable to people and connects the second an urge to use is sensed.

Instagram at kln.sbr has info on his T-shirts which remind the wearer that he/she is in recovery. Those who see him/her will know that recovery is an honour and that she/he will enjoy life with anyone without using drugs or booze.

Concern for the 15 to 24 year old addicts who needs support and gentle understanding NOW, has moved Steve to aim his service in their direction. These ages are especially prone to suicide and HOPE is needed today! Again talk and connections works wonders!

THE ONLY ANSWER: Teach a high on life that negates the wish to START drugs. No one knows an addict before he/she starts. Don’t be the one who helps anyone START! You may well be a killer!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Fentanyl baffles the mind”

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