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I came for one reason

Could there really be this higher power or God that so many speak of? Coming to believe usually meant simply that we accepted that one existed!

Sue saw what she wanted in others in 12 step meetings! She learned that millions had been able to turn their lives around! In desperation she got onto her knees and asked for help!

In jails sharing the burden facilitators check their baggage at the reception and go to the inmates with one goal! They decide that only expression that can be expressed in LOVE, will be expressed. They are real, transparent and operating in the moment! Inmates receive this and share it!

Kim expresses how she is now grateful for whatever brought her to her knees originally! She says it was this desperation that caused her to seek the GIFT of recovery which brought her to know wisdom and much more! She mentioned that so many unfortunates are stuck in their sicknesses and could be FREE if only they could find RECOVERY which EVERY HUMAN NEEDS!

Co-dependency or the false sense of I AM INCONTROL is what leads to ESCAPING which often turns to addiction in the PRE-DISPOSED!

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