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“I’m thankful he tried to kill me”

Our Guest this week Jessica Santonato is an award-winning author and Ted Talk speaker. She comes with a very different story that explains how she was able to forgive the man who tried to kill her!

Forgiveness was the freeing tool for Jessica. By not running and by forgiving she was able to settle down a relationship that was so dangerous in earlier times!

She talks about living in the moment where we both believe many secrets reside! Being the place between the last thing and the next thing there is no interference from anyting but the moment itself.

Discussing spiritual matters was in everything today on our show. We discussed how Jessica got answers or felt spiritually moved to make decisions and go in certain directions. Angels helped her!

Sharing The Burden members practice “turning it over” all month long. We mean that we believe that God wants to take on all things we are uncertain about. Once turned over to Almighty God we feel lighter and NOT alone! At some point most of us Spiritually turn our will and lives over to God for good. Then our sense is that all things are shared with GOD and can only turn out RIGHT!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “I’m thankful he tried to kill me”

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