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Sharing The Burden group facilitators share vulnerably to provide hope to inmates. Only hope gives the inmate the desire to face recovery. Recovery is very painful and we provide love, friendship and safe, uninterrupted sharing space to get the work of recovery started! Inmates need healing that comes only with prolonged consistent program support.

80% of inmates or about 40,000 people are in jail in Canada because of substance abuse! That’s how many people need what we share in our program. They need recovery that is very different from simple incarceration. For now the best is what we have and we must make it available to the maximum number of prisoners possible. Until a different system can be developed and actually work for the diseased person in jail, we must pull it all together as best we can!

Only charity can help Sharing The Burden grow to meet the needs of these inmates! We can meet with 50 inmates or less per week in 3 different institutions. We do from 6 to 10 group support meetings per week in these facilities. These facilities alone could accommodate at least 25 more volunteers/facilitators now and we may see up to 100 inmates/week. There are almost 2000 inmates in these institutions alone.

There are 90 corrections facilities in Canada, housing about 50,000 inmates. We can only get to a fraction of the needs in the 3 facilities that we call on! Add to all of this the needs of the families and we at Sharing The Burden see gigantic possibility for recovery starting with the toughest job-the inmate addict closest to death or “no return”! Recovering communities is the real hope at !

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast  – “INMATES ARE PEOPLE TOO!”

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