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Carl who has PTSD says that by the grace of God, he found the fire department and emergency services! He made great money after a while. He started the hunt for “more” in all aspects of life, power, property and prestige.

Too much drinking and the hunt eventually left him in trouble with separation and a host of other problems looming!

Carl got into fire department to HELP others, and he said, almost all fire fighters did!

We, who take the steps of Sharing The Burden believe that most people get into the HELP type industries, to avoid looking deeply into themselves. Fixing, saving, rescuing, enabling of others, give us a short release from our own internal struggles! We are CODEPENDANTS, focusing on others and their lives because deep inside we are frightened to take a look at “who we really are!”

Trauma took Sue to a dangerous lifestyle as a temporary fix for her early hurts in life! She ended up in the medical HELP professions!

Complex PTSD for Scott started from a fear that his mother would be killed by his father! The pattern of trauma happened over and over and over again for the earliest years of his life! He runs a support organization called SHARING THE BURDEN today!

STBRadio Broadcast - Is PTSD in your INVENTORY?
STBRadio Live Tuesdays on 102.9 WhistleFM at 1000am(eastern time) weekly.

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Is PTSD in your INVENTORY?”

Part I

Part II

Part III

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