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Jay’s life of overcoming

Jay has been dealt cards that many would have rejected! He decided early on that he would make a difference! He believed and still does that he has purpose.

Faith and strong family ties are what Jay says keep him smiling! His positive words and smiles provide hope for many with much smaller concerns than his own!

Jay lives a recovery style of life; he has so many doctor visits and tests! He is a champion of overcoming because of what he has lived. He was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Surgery to install shunts for drainage was the beginning. Spinal Bifida, serious curvature problems with his spine (surgery required, bladder issues, kidney failure and dialysis (requiring a transplant) are some of Jay’s many trials and battles.

Gratitude has given Jay a powerful sense of self-worth as he uses his life of overcoming to make a difference in other lives!

He has lived his youth through much bullying because he was different! Today his compassion is great! He decides every day to love life and gives it all he has. He does not complain either!

I believe God has favoured my friend and producer of our weekly radio show! His faith and way of life are beautiful and give him a special strength!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Jay’s life of overcoming”

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