Knowing and Being Known

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Knowing and Being Known”

Part-1: Seeking Intimacy

Transparency speaks loudly and for anyone who hears it, it serves as a gesture of pure love! Any exchange that follows will be honest and loving. Fear will fall away as spiritual intimacy is experienced!

Gary makes a point of connecting with people he comes into contact with. He says a simple “hello, how are you today?” can go a long way toward lifting a person to where she feels appreciated. Charity is an expression of love and our senses pick it up very comfortably! Do good deeds because you love all of God’s creatures and therefore, treat them properly.

Part-2: To Save Lives

Gary is a professional trainer interested in the whole life, not just a body! Where you are emotionally and your real motivations are factors he will use to design the fitness plan that attends to all of you! Gary says we all need love. Our gifts need to be exposed and our stories need telling. Every story has something that someone else must have to go on! Never think your past and your existence are not important, they are! Try not to keep the real you hidden from anyone. Your decision to love everyone will create the beginning of a straight and safe journey!

Part-3: Sharing Love After a Short Time

Thinking about what he says before he says, allows perspective and a more clear view of what is really happening. Expression is such an important part of recovery. As long as there is anything buried, we cannot see reality. The processing will be inaccurate as long as unexpressed emotion or secrets take part!

Validate others’ feelings and listen mindfully without interrupting as the other processes the info. We do this with prayer and sharing in our jail support meetings. After less than one hour, there is real love exchanged and as one, we rest in that love without condition. That peace that passes understanding fills our space and we share our burdens to lessen the weight! Truelove abounds!

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