My will is trumped by God’s will

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – My will is trumped by God’s will”

Part-1: Lloyd returns to God and jail

Lloyd often thought that one day he might reconcile with his children. He has now and along with that he has found a new purpose and an awesome reason to stay sober! He now seeks God’s will. One good thing about his upbringing while he was with his mom that is, is that, her being a minister in the Pentecostal Church he was introduced to God even though he would go wayward for a time. Lloyd had a foundation that would welcome him back and now he is back! He was even able to return to a jail and feel the difference of being authorized to go in and to come out in the same evening. He can relate and share experience with inmate from a lived perspective! Peer to peer support is integral to the formula of support that we use at

Part-2: The gift of listening

Floyd explains. The gift of listening was something he did not use enough earlier in life and the result was always a problem. He knows now that if he listens he will stay in the moment, make good decisions and be happy. Lloyd believes as I do and as most of our volunteers at do that God has all the power. He knows it all and every little part of it. There can be no mistakes in his creation, and we know that His will is always achieved and ours only if it happens that our will is in line with Gods. We’ve learned now to always do our best to handle things as they come. Accumulating garbage simply creates garbage that must be sorted through, along with everything else inside of us, every time we process a thought. Therefore processing takes longer and we are less efficient. God’s way is perfect and so is every little piece that we undertake, to make it all come true. There are no mistakes in God’s process; therefore, there is no reason to ask why or how etc. If we must ask, then let’s go right to God and ask why His will is what it is regarding any given situation?

Part-3: The ultimate High

When we at go into an intensive mental therapy unit of a jail to support; God does His magic and inmates with a variety of mental illnesses, addictions in some cases, come together with us volunteers in a supernatural loving way! We are all lifted and truly enjoy each other for what we are, perfect creations of Almighty God, each with purpose and ability. For the author (Scott) and most all other facilitators, this is really a supernatural experience that puts our jail service work in a most high place! We always leave wanting more as do our partners the inmates!

Lloyd says he learned to live in the moment by spending years in the streets. He says be alive now or be dead to now by looking ahead or behind to unchangeable areas of life! Stay in the moment, do your best, and follow Doctor Bob’s prescription for a sober life:

  • 1-Trust God
  • 2-Clean house and
  • 3-Help others!

God bless as you share your burdens!

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