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No resentments means I’m ready

Resenting our childhood and parental mistakes held my guests back for a while. They learned that to stay away from returning to old escape ways, they had to forgive. We discussed how feelings were not to be used as reasons for not forgiving! Forgiving is a DECISION and FEELINGS are about who we are and result from all that has gone into who we are at any moment! DECIDE to forgive as often as it takes for the ugly feelings to lessen!

  • Terrible, wreckless abandon and physical abuse resulting in knife wounds and jail time for one guest’s step dad. My guest tells of how he also went to jail for domestic abuse later in his life. This is how generational abuse carries on until someone seeks help and breaks the  chains!

Drugs were a comfort and Sheldon ended up blind from his own inability to admit his addictive ways to his doctor. Cocaine reacted to his medication for glaucoma and the reverse happened, blinding him. He is joyous and free today and tells his story gladly to save others. He believes God used his blindness to heal his insides and set him free emotionally to love people regardless of their ways or illnesses!

Both men, Sheldon and Lloyd reach out to others at every opportunity! They have worked hard and may now be ready for the profound changes that God can make in a ready and seeking person!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – No resentments means I’m ready – A Tribute To Sean STB’s Legacy

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