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Powerless and Abused

STBRadio Broadcast - Powerless and Abused
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Powerless and Abused

Part-1: Feelings of Powerlessness

Speaking about situations in our lives where we feel helpless! Jay tells of his own search for a kidney while he is quite sick himself. He must rely on various specialists to do everything right. He understands the sense of hopelessness and knows he has to rely on his God to fill in the blanks! Peter’s wife suffers with a kidney stone not passing and several other medical conditions with uncertain outcomes. Peter’s fear and helplessness to change his wife’s conditions drives him ever closer to His God. He is far more fearful than his wife! I think back to my fears and powerlessness to help my son Sean in his addiction. His life ends with a drug overdose! My relationship to God brings me immediately into a calling and purpose for my life! His Spirit in me never lets me look back and thousands find hope because of my loss in Sean! We all agree that only God can fill such spaces with hope and the ability to push ahead no matter what! We believe God’s perfect plan is in play always and there are no mistakes in His ways! Sharing this burden of hopelessness and powerlessness is where the healing begins!

Part-2: Loving the victimizer

Maybe paralyzing fear created his condition as a means of survival! Both the victim and the victimizer are really victims. Society accepts one and condemns the other! Our jail volunteers experience this phenomenon when we run support meetings for the mentally challenged inmates (most with addiction). They can quickly exchange places, victim for victimizer and the reverse. Mood, topic of discussion and cross section of inmates in the meeting add to “who will be who”. Are not both forgivable and worth saving. Apparently God thinks so! Sharing their burdens creates peace in these people, and the transition is of invaluable worth to us! A gift beyond words as we receive an unconditional love! We share it back to them and move it on to others both inside and outside the walls of incarceration! Finding the way to emotional intelligence (EQ) or emotional sobriety as I like to call it is the first step to any other form of evenness or sobriety in a host of compulsive or addictive situations! This feeling of hopelessness and/or powerlessness is the ingredient that must be accepted by anyone looking for a balanced life! Reaching higher will now be the quest for a true and complete freedom (I believe anyway)!

Part-3: Closing!

Facilitating a deep feeling shared by anyone is a powerful honour! This ability is the greatest gift a moderator or facilitator can have! This is where the sharing of a burden is the real catalyst and starter of a recovery process!

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