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Powerless and Co-dependent

Co-dependency is a struggle for control to make one feel better. The person cannot change him or herself, so tries instead to control other people and how they think. Usually the other did not ask for advice either. It goes like this:

1-controlling or changing self does not work

2-frustration turns to an effort to control others

3-changing another’s mind about anything will lead to more and more effort to control more things. It will not stop on its own!

4-by giving in to him or her, the co-dependent becomes sicker and tries even harder to control!! She/he has this illness and needs Spiritual help, just like the addict, to cope and get this illness under control!

Until someone realizes that the effort will never satisfy and that he or she is POWERLESS to change either himself or anyone else without Godly assistance, nothing will change!

Sharing The Burden support meetings can demonstrate a proven plan of steps to take that will introduce connection, transparency and vulnerability. We do it just like millions of others do every day around the world to maintain emotional sobriety and a useful life!

God, however you PERSONALLY accept God into your life, is the answer!

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast  – “Powerless and Co-dependent”

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