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Powerless over death

STBRadio Broadcast - Powerless over death (Life Recovery Dvtional-David Stoop Stephen Arterburn
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Powerless over death (Life Recovery Devotional-David Stoop Stephen Arterburn)

Part-1: We are all sentenced to death. Do my best every moment! Aim to finish strong!

Will we leave something behind; do you wonder what they will say? Did I make a difference and does it matter to me? Cease the NOW, that timeless space between the last thing I did and the next thing I will do! Do my best for the world and all of its people; we are all inter-connected, if you hurt, I hurt and that is not right if there is anything I can do about it! Only WE can do these things, I cannot do it without human relationship!

Part-2: Purposeful life

Teamwork and the leading by example seem to be the ways that God honours my life. How do I listen to God? Prayer and meditation? Reading scripture? A program for your life e.g. 12 step? Collaboration with several charitable organizations will allow STB to be part of a greater service to the marginalized in our society. Jailed, sick, homeless, hurting, mentally ill and much more!

Part-3: Addiction or heavy user

An alcoholic says it’s like this: you are swimming along under water and you know that at some point you will have to come up for air, how long can you last without it? No one decided for a life like this? He has a DISEASE? Treat him like he has a disease? The heavy user can come up whenever he wants and can ultimately survive without the substance. The addict will eventually die without love, support and professional help!

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