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Powerlessness creates STB Team

Prayer power is demonstrated when special needs require a larger effort than any one person can handle alone. A serious illness or a hospital stay involving critical care for instance. Fear causes loved ones to seek help and prayer teams come about! Scott calls this “Powerlessness Recognition Together”

WE is the most important word in STB apart from God. Together WE reach for Spiritual answers through prayer and the value of STB is seen in a Spiritual way only. Each person receives her/his answers by discovery. They receive answers as we do our regular sharing where NO ONE gives advice. Members only share their feelings and experiences regarding the topic without interruption or commenting. This atmosphere allows God’s Spirit to make the difference and He does!

STB Mission has SHARING as its first word. Sharing requires at least two!

Co-dependency or an effort to control people defies the TRUTH of powerlessness. This always end with failure, low esteem and a sense of little or low value of one’s self!

Comparing creates feelings of superiority or inferiority. Both are lies as we are all created equal! If we stay “In The Moment” no thought of either the next thing that will happen or the last thing that did happen, we do experience true peace and serenity. There is no allowance of more. Scott believes this between last and before next, to be an outside of time experience and is eternal. NOW is always reality and it is the always NOW!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast  – “Powerlessness creates STB Team”

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