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Realizing the answer is God

The decision to DO RECOVERY, requires HOPE! We need hope to provide the courage and attitude to start the journey!

Abandonment issues such as growing up without knowing a father or being left behind can make faith very difficult to grasp! This person must survive and the sense of a loving heavenly Father is so, so hard to understand or believe!

This type of person needs love and support that she or hecan feel. That means real, true, unconditional love! Sharing The Burden supportsthe hurting by reaching out to the incarcerated. The 40,000 people incorrections institutions across Canada alone, who are in jails/prisons either directly or indirectly due to substance abuse, need our love to start recovery!

The communities represented by the incarcerated can be changed dramatically by the addict who returns home IN RECOVERY! The families, friends and communities of the inmates likely add up to the millions who need the most help and hope! The concept can change each of our worlds…..Sharing the Burden exists to share recovery experience and hope with these unique individuals their families, friends and communities!

Together we can change the world! This is my dream!

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast  – “Realizing the answer is God”

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Part II

Part III

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One thought on “Realizing the answer is God

  • Susan

    I’m a friend of Lloyd and I was very involved in crack cocaine !I’ve been clean and sober for nine years!I just finished listening to your podcasts and I find them very good ,and informative!I never moved but I tried to show others that it can be done if you try!