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Share confess it all for total healing

STBRadio Broadcast - Share confess it all for total healing
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Share confess it all for total healing”

Part 1: Inmates and support become one

Laura from the Hummingbird Hub explains how to bring services and those who need them together. She says STB fits in as a facilitator to help her resolve special issues. People drop in and the needs are shared bit by bit until solutions and direction are evident and available.

Jeff shared his thoughts about volunteering at Vanier Women’s Center. His biggest eye opener was probably how the inmates, regardless of crime or criminal records or anything of that nature, come together with us after a short period of time. We are then a group of equals in perfect sync! He says by staying in the moment and out of tomorrow and yesterday, real time sharing is like magic! The change in moods that can be seen in such a short time is nothing short of incredible! They love us and we return that love and the rest seems to be totally spiritual. We believe God takes over here!

Part 2: No discovery means no recovery

As we learn, that at Sharing The Burden meetings, to receive a spiritual answer, we must first be sure to never offer solutions to someone else’s problem. When we focus on another’s pain and offer a solution, it’s a personal perspective solution which can only be applied to oneself. Any solution that works for one has no guarantee of working for another. The same way no two people see anything exactly the same way applies in this case. Answers given to other people’s problems falls under this same meaning. This is why we say that “no discovery results in no recovery”. A person must discover on his or her own while every member of the Sharing The Burden group focuses totally on his or her own experience, strength and hope regarding the subject under discussion. If anyone’s purpose at a meeting is to help, fix, repair or resolve another’s issue, the result will be the loss of a Spiritual answer and the main purpose why we come together, namely to receive Spiritual solutions!

So in summary, we attend Sharing The Burden support meetings with the belief that we will hear or experience the “ah-ha moment” or solution to what requires the solution most and at the perfect time! We are powerless to know these things but trust in Him to orchestrate it all seamlessly!

Part 3: God’s will not my feelings

Focussing on how much people manage to do in certain time frames becomes a measuring that seems to take away spiritual answering! This comparing people and the measuring of them, does not solve anything nor does it offer much in the realm of Eternity. God’s perfect plan for each of us will happen no matter what! Acceptance of all things is the solution this author believes in! Rolling with the flow makes for a much more relaxing lifestyle. We are left with some energy to help another trudge the road of Destiny! Being our best in our sphere of influence may lead us further in our journeys of purpose and destiny!

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