Teamwork and Supernatural Acceptance

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Teamwork and Supernatural Acceptance”

Bringing it all together

Team work is required, no one can recover alone (as far as this author is concerned anyway). The 12 step program has freed millions from a variety of compulsive/addictive behaviours and it brings Spirituality, practicality and a productive way of life, together for anyone who lives it, one day at a time. Jeff says that his procrastination keeps him from dealing with things as promptly as he would like to. He uses his calendar, and keeps his priorities listed and he moves them from day to day until he does complete them. He is always aware and therefore eventually he is up to date again. Our sharing of our lives and its problems demonstrates solutions to so much that most people who attend Sharing The Burden want to keep coming back. We find that the more time we have together, sharing ourselves, safely and in depth, the happier we are and the more we are able to be, in that outside world of fast living and dog eat dog! Teamwork makes the dream work in the recovery lifestyle, one day at a time!

It was not her time

As time goes by in recovery, space between the troubled times (using or acting out) become longer and longer, until with God’s help and the nearness of trusted others, recovery may gain momentum and become permanent. Georgia speaks of a heart infection that nearly cost her, her life. In 2012 she was in the hospital three times with infection in her heart due to drug use. In 2016 she underwent open heart surgery and had a foreign valve (cow valve) surgically implanted (open heart surgery). She somehow knew, although she had been told many times that the next visit to the hospital would likely be her last, she had been given one more chance. That is what I call Supernatural Acceptance! She says God had come into the picture and her sense was that He was serious about this final chance! Her recovery has been real and far less dramatic ever since, although there were still serious bumps in the road before she would come to a place where she was physically able to stop using! Some people are granted abstinence easier than others, while these others must go through more ups and downs as the relapses become less and less severe. Our friend Georgia had also experimented with fentanyl and she had overdosed many times. She had been fortunate enough to be brought back to life all those times. Now she would also have the strength, endurance and attitude to make it all possible?

Spiritual connection

Georgia was basically free, she could see the bright glimmer in the distance and she knew she would make it! As she said, she was destined for failure yet the love demonstrated by Jesus, in the 12 steps, was enough to make the difference. She would simply confess to all of her wrong doings, ask for forgiveness for those things and move on with her new friend, that new Spirit that was now working on the inside of her! She would never be the same! As Georgia says her future life is uncertain but she will stay the course in the knowledge that her new relationship with God will be there for her and she will always be safe! She shared LIVE ( with us on the radio this week. At Sharing The Burden we discuss recovery situations with all manner of people living the Life Recovery Lifestyle. Georgia candidly tells her story! Her anonymity now has little significance for her when she understands that the sharing of life could hold the only answer that will save someone’s life. Her mission now is to be part of saving lives as she and all facilitators at Sharing The Burden tell their stories, sharing their deepest vulnerabilities with many, including thousands of incarcerated addicts and mentally ill, who account for likely 90% of persons jailed or imprisoned in Canada. That’s about 45,000 people desperately in need of consistent support and rehabilitation that the present system does not and cannot offer!

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