The recovery life keeps on maturing!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “The recovery life keeps on maturing!”

From chaos to anger

Originally in recovery, we are immature. We cannot allow ourselves to take time and deal with one thought at a time. Too much together and we become angry! Decisions are poorly made, it feels like we are going backwards!

Today we can listen quietly and mature thinking is possible. There is no rush anymore to get everything over with! Challenges can be accepted without anger. Life smooths out!

We are willing to change where necessary and others can do as they please.

We cannot forget that a needed amend may have roots in something that happened many years ago, 20 30 40 years even! Someone else may have carried our mistake throughout all this time! Amends don’t simply stop coming up at some point!

We may ask, will I ever get fully back on track! The recovery lifestyle is our best shot, I believe!

Coming out of hiding

When an old experience comes to mind, we bring that experience to NOW, so many years later possibly. We make the amend! For example, my son who has passed away, lived through several years of my poor behaviour when he was an infant and the few years after. I did not ever recall those years until very recently. About 40 years ago, my behaviour undoubtedly affected my son Sean and who he became, but I never even thought about it, let alone, made an amend to him! When old experiences bring us out of hiding, the dirt comes out with them.

Finding unfinished business

When unfinished business appears, we are usually focused on our own behaviour and not everyone else’s! That is the secret! We work on US, not someone else . When we are healthy, we can be available, if we are required to make a REAL difference, that can only be made out of love and honesty! We try now to amend our lives as we go, rather than accumulating baggage for future handling! Life becomes reasonable and more productive!

It is as most of us believe, God and our faith that directs our paths to a place of value!

Anyone can clear the wreckage of his/her past with God’s help and the wisdom of the many, thousands who have successfully gone before us! Yes, anyone!!

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