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They loved us first

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – They loved us first”

Part 1: Spiritual depth is experienced

But for the grace of God, there go I! The inmate is in orange and I am in street clothes. However, that could easily be reversed and I must understand this point. I am powerless and when I truly know that except for the fact that God’s created and directs my paths as He has done, I could have been created with a far different lifestyle and direction. Recognition of powerlessness is the basis for real recovery! To the degree that one can let go of his false sense of power, to that degree he will be successful in his recovery (author’s opinion). Inmates come to our sharing meetings to change. She/he learns that when he/she shares she/he is totally free to express without interruption or advice from anyone in the meeting. With focus and sharing only on the member’s thoughts and experiences, Spiritual answers come!

Part 2: God is all that is needed

Giving up control, we never really had, allows Spiritual energy to flow. God always had the power and now we know why we could not get that power to do as we wanted. It was not ours to use. So we “Let Go and Let God” and God’s Power does what needs to be done!

Peter says that the rewards he receives from going into jails to do service are priceless. Sharing our heaviest burdens with our inmate friends starts a journey of many rewards. The inmates and volunteers join in a powerful journey of love . A HOPE-BOND is established as transparency and vulnerability become the norm in discussions.

Part 3: The dilemma of the addict

Part 3: The dilemma of the addict

While in jail, the inmate has inconsistent support and programming. and really has little idea about how far he or she can go with any particular progam. The addict is sometimes seen as a total culprit and may be treated as a criminal rather than the person with the disease of addiction! The HOPE-BOND between inmate and volunteer goes a long way here and may be enough to keep her or him going ahead positively until programs resume. Eventually with a few instructions and 2 books, the inmate can go ahead on his or her own, keeping up with the program in the absence of the volunteer(s).

These inmates love us unconditionally and then we volunteers are able to receive that love, give it back and take it to others inside and outside of jail. Yes, they loved us first!

We encourage our friends inside to always be praying to know the next right thing to do!

Peter says he feels selfish going inside to volunteer because he knows how high he will be at the close of the jail meeting. We are honoured to support in this way!

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