Tribute To Sean STB’s Legacy

1.5 hours ago on June 8 2012, the architect of Sharing The passed away and we have not stopped since to support all hurting people wherever they are. Thank you all my friends for your support and a special thank you to all who venture into the jail system with me to bring our sharing of hope to the lost and addicted!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Spiritual only will work – A Tribute To Sean STB’s Legacy

Successful recovery considers these things for Raj:

  • when emotion rises, take a step back and think before taking action
  • gaining a greater relationship with his God through scripture reading daily
  • do not put people on pedestals
  • when insecure feelings come, lean on God and by faith, know that He will never give you a greater problem than you can handle
  • he does service by taking new people to meetings and treatment facilities
  • he sponsors people and stays the course after determining whether someone is ready to take the steps to sobriety. Will she/he go to any lengths to achieve sobriety?
  • he is always looking for higher purpose and finds glimpses of it when he is helping younger addicts find their ways
  • he is focused on breaking the chains of addiction that haunt his family of origin, so as not to hand it on to his sons. He is sad that his dad was not exposed to recovery!
  • Raj saw one day that the short lived high, in no way, justified the extended pain created by getting high. He became willing at all costs, to change!
  • he said he must live one day at a time and be humble

We at Sharing The believe that everyone needs a program for life and that daily attention to it is the long term solution to emotional sobriety and wellness overall. We believe that EQ (emotional intelligence) is as important for a balanced life as IQ! Stay with the hungry who continue to seek higher and more Spiritual aspects of life and spend as little time as possible around negativity!

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