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Trust God clean house and help others!

STBRadio Broadcast - Trust God clean house and help others!
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Trust God clean house and help others!”

From chaos to anger

After 16 or 17 years Our Guest was able to grasp the program. Raj interviewed Our Guest and they spoke about the spiritual aspect and that everyday was a brand new day with its possibilities. His guest Ian, speaks of finally being willing to work the program and trust God. He was pushed into Christianity as a kid, however today, he has made a decision to follow key aspects of Christianity. In his program Ian Works the step of taking inventory and he explains that he’s able to look at what he’s written and see it all at a glance. In a way after having written out his inventory he’s able to see it all in one shot. This reminds me of how I imagine God being able to see our whole life from beginning to end and all those things in between. Although our guest has not yet come to step 10, he talked of how important it is to clean up a mess as he makes it. In essence this is what step 10 is all about, having a look at how our day has been and then making a plan to correct anything that went the wrong way. Flushing out fear at this point Our Guest says is completely necessary! When asked how he was able to keep his family through so many years of bad behaviour with alcoholism, he said somehow and with some luck his family waited for him through it all and now he has the chance by living one day at a time to prove that this 12-step program for life really works!

Faith without works is dead

Ian had to change his priorities and put his recovery at the top of his list. He said a balanced routine worked best. Meditation, daily spiritual readings, morning prayer, exercise and spending time in nature are his prescription for daily progress in his recovery. Balance is crucial to him! Raj talked about anger creating an emotional hangover and how he no longer wanted the accompanying pain. Today with his practice of daily inventory, he is able to remove the emotional hangover very quickly because he is handling, rather then burying his problems. If he buries problems, he’ll be creating more baggage and he cannot afford to take more on again!

Mindful gratitude in recovery

Ian is so grateful, so very grateful, today that his wife never lost hope of his recovering from where he was. Raj also admitted the damage had been done, however today with his program, he is able to appreciate the small things in life and to really be happy with how far he has come one day at a time! Ian talked about the importance of his family getting into recovery because he knew that everyone in the family became sick when someone in the family is involved with addiction and often mental illness. Al-Anon and Alateen are offered for families of those affected by alcohol. The family became sick together and must recover together. All else is incomplete! Ian and Raj both found that faith and hard work were both required to produce a worthy harvest of lasting recovery. Recovery is a lifestyle for healthy living in every case! Raj and Ian spoke of the importance of having fathers involved with their children’s lives. Dads are so needed in today’s world of mixed genders, I believe anyway!

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