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Understanding the Almighty

We learn to accept that to grow we must overcome our problems! We thank the Almighty God for each and every obstacle no matter how much it hurts. Sharing our burdens and telling stories about these obstacles starts a chain reaction. Fewer people are alone!

Lloyd exists today as a survivor of decades of substance abuse and loss of life due to that abuse! Today he says thank You for being abandoned at 3 years old! Thank You for taking me back at 8 years old and abandoning me again at 15. Living through all this is my offering or sacrifice that has prepared me to give back! He is purposeful and hungry to do more and more!

Every hurdle is part of a perfect plan that is part of God’s perfect universe! Everything is needed no matter what parts we were each uniquely created to perform. The greater our sacrifice, offering or suffering, the greater our importance as we overcome!

Sharing the Burden’s newest slogan “….I’ll be there” suggests that God willing, we will always be there and therefore you will always be able to say “I am no longer alone!”

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Understanding the Almighty”

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