We Are All Co-dependent!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – We Are All Co-dependent!

Part-1: An addict is born!

We all seem to be trying to control our own lives. When truly analyzed, we find we can never be totally in control of ourselves! We commit and fall short! We promise and cannot keep it! We lie and never meant to! Many will find this sense of failure difficult to handle. Many will try to control people outside of themselves! Eventually they are brought to the knowledge that they cannot do that either.

Co-dependency is said to be: an effort to control people places or things outside of oneself in an effort to feel good on the inside of oneself. This is doomed to failure! Perfection cannot be attained to by the human being! The effort to perfect anything can create or trigger mental illness. This illness is often worse than that of the DEPENDENT whom the CO-DEPENDENT is trying to change!

Co-dependents have failed to control anything quite as well as they would like! They will find an escape such as exercise, sex, drinking, drug use, overeating or a host of behaviours and compulsions. The person with the genetics of the addict will use a way of escape. At some point he or she may cross an imaginary line and will not be able to STOP the behaviour! AN ADDICT IS BORN!

Generally the addict who somehow finds abstinence and does not have or does not keep working a program of life, will either take on a replacement addiction or quickly return to the original! Without serious and consistent recovery work, the underlying triggers will overpower the addict and the progressive disease of addiction will get worse.

Regular work as a team in recovery, along with God, God as understood by the individual, is the most successful solution in the world. Literally millions upon millions NOW walk in sobriety due to these 12 steps, followed by Sharing The Burden and thousands of groups around the globe! For each sober addict there are 5 to 10 close friends or family members who are seriously wounded by the disease! Many will find their own way into recovery of their co-dependent issues!

Part-2: Substance Abuse Education for All!

The only sure way to stop increase of addiction and death is left to our ability to convince our youth to never start. Let’s talk to school kids, the younger the better the place to start!

Hope is the young addict’s biggest need and must be delivered ASAP to prevent overdose deaths and suicides in a few short years! Clarity as to how an addict comes to be is paramount! The results and emotional pain can be discussed and shared within young groups in recovery (Al-a-teen for example).These groups demonstrate how powerful and worthy the young person is! Recovery can be a wonderful journey and powerful experience to share step by step to help the newcomers.

Part-3: Closing Remarks

  • Talk to and trust your God!
  • Do your best to clean up your act!
  • Reach out and help your sick neighbour!

You are your friend’s best counsellor and your effort to be there with him or her is likely the most important part of her or his potential journey of recovery! My favourite slogan at Sharing the Burden is “…..I’ll be there!”

Scott-Founder at STB

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