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What is conscious contact with God

Scott our Founder’s Thoughts:

Contact with God is personal and different for every person. I have a depiction of Jesus on my office wall and when I look into His eyes, I cannot lie!

Jesus is a man who never died and I believe His Spirit is my permanent help, living on the inside of me. Conscious contact feels very real for me!

How much I seek after and love God is evident when I do what I know to be the right thing! Listening to the right kind of music, reading healthy literature and scripture, especially the bible, makes me happy and peaceful!

Sharing my burdens with others fulfills the law of Christ (see Galatians 6: 2) and I’m rewarded every time I do it! Believing in the dream I believe came from God and pushing beyond and further, no matter what, creates even more energy in me! Only this real contact with my personal sense of My God could do this! Purpose is the outcome and accessible to everyone who seeks!

How we love is evidence of divine movement in our lives I believe! Do we do service regularly and look for ways to do more good? Do we do it only when convenient for us or do we make special effort when we don’t want to do it? Do I love myself, this unique wonderful and perfectly created being and feed it with care and wisdom? Do I have a program for my life that keeps me connected to God and my fellows? Does it challenge me regularly? MOST IMPORTANTLY, do I share my life every where I can so that I don’t miss the one who cannot survive without knowing something in my uniqueness that has save me!

This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast  – “What is conscious contact with God”.

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