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Who is in control?

The codependent is the ENABLER or FIXER/RESCUER of the troubled person (addict, mentally ill), thinking he or she is helping but NOT SO!

We restore dignity to the person when we let him fall and find his own way out of the situation.

Controllers create discomfort in people by offering advice where none was asked for. One notices she cannot control all of her own life and decides to make herself feel better by trying to control other people, places or things. More failure and rejection lowers esteem and she looks for escape! Escaping over and over the same way creates habit and for the predisposed and ADDICTION in many cases.

  • Our person in this position can use the SLOGAN “stop” to remind himself that emotion will or can cause relapse

Many in jails, addicted to fentanyl are very close to death and need motivation and HOPE right away. Release before the possibility of HOPE TO CHANGE is found, will likely end in death for the FENTANYL or CARFENTANIL addict.  We must love them back to life and hope NOW! Tomorrow is too late!

Help us PLEASE to help the helpless get ready for change!

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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – “Who is in control?”

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