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Who Is Worthy?

STBRadio Broadcast - Who Is Worthy?
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This week’s Sharing The Burden Podcast – Who Is Worthy?

Part-1: Eddy’s lived experience speaks out

Eddy has lived Homeless and addicted with mental illness Recovery became his lifestyle as he learned to cope with support and Spirituality

Eddy speaks of the existing methods used to help addiction, namely, 1- abstinence, 2-injection sites (harm reduction), and 3- mental & emotional therapy Eddy is STB’S liaison to the world of peer support and lived experience. With training these peer workers are becoming integral to the teams of professionals who treat addiction/mental illness. The peer speaks from experience! He or she has lived or is living it!

STB will work together with Mentor/Mentee as the proper training in all areas (crime, incarceration, release and return to society with a place to live, training and purpose) is designed for each step in the new person’s life. The result will be a productive candidate employed purposeful and ready to reach out to another.

Part-2: Eddy has lived experience

Most people in recovery will agree that without emotional sobriety (EQ), there is little chance of sobriety of any other kind to take hold. Addicts must make decisions based on truth, fact and the proven results of the millions who have gone before! Learning to respond rather than react, allows for the time to reason things out. The help of another trusted person may be required to put principals before personalities!

People of all walks can see the need for a Spiritual ingredient and almost all accept prayer thankfully and graciously.

In support meetings in jails where neither chairpersons nor inmates, have to attend, love flows both ways in an unconditional fashion that we do not see outside the walls of these institutions. This applies to the groups of especially-cared-for-persons with severe mental illness as well! Spiritual power takes over and the blessings are priceless!

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