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Yoked to the Almighty

Sharing The Burden people believe that building our Godly relationship is so important! We imagine being yoked together with the ALMIGHTY and then we automatically do what we are supposed to do. God leads and He can only go to the right place! We share God’s burden of running the universe and while yoked, we can only do the RIGHT thing!

We turned our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him. Praying for his strength and the power to carry on

Every March is “turn our problems over as they appear MONTH”. This means whatever makes us emotional is immediately turned over to God by simply saying “here you go God, your scripture told me to give you my burdens!” God gave Himself in the form of a man (Jesus) to be tortured, beaten, humiliated and nailed to a cross. Only a PERFECT sacrifice could pay for our IMPERFECTIONS so that we could become Godly and move on! What more could He do?

Jonathan shared that for him there could be no plan B as this would give him an excuse for relapsing into unacceptable behaviour! He understands that the call on our lives is a full time job 24/7 and 365. This service work mentality must be in our faces ALWAYS if we are to keep emotions managed and be available and valuable every time we are needed! LOVE IS NOT A PART TIME FUNCTION!

Turning things over allows the Sharing The Burden member to be strong enough to purposefully hurt another! This means that if a loved one’s behaviour is enabling improper actions in another’s life or his/her own life, we challenge our loved one. This is often painful and difficult but necessary to motivate change!

Jonathan says love abounds in the Sharing The Burden meetings, because sharing, no matter what the content, is not commented upon! Participants can share safely without judgement or concern about unsolicited solutions being offered. These participants know that what works for you has NO bearing on whether it will work for me or not! Focusing on ourselves frees truth and supernaturally, members hear in their hearts what they most need at the time!

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