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Purpose, Fulfillment and Humility

Will we be the game-changers in this needy world and help others share their burdens? We have to be!

Struggling with acceptance of how he is doing? Raj spoke of this and we discussed LIVE on his great feat of almost 2 full years in sobriety/recovery! We discussed his having people he has sponsored looking to him for help with their journeys in recovery. We discussed how he is now self-sufficient and not going deeper into debt. He can meet his three sons and take them out for a meal and a movie. He started to see! All these are miracles and it took this kind of sharing LIVE on radio, to OPEN HIS EYES to purpose, fulfillment and humility before God.

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Finding Purpose and Fulfillment


Gary expressed Raj as “in process”, powerfully overcoming obstacles to use his gifts to help others. He helped him see how GREAT he was doing! Gary said that Raj, by overcoming the alcoholism, that his dad could not overcome, was like making an active living amend to his dad. It demonstrated Raj’ purpose in recovery!

Wanted Removed

Asked what they most wanted removed from themselves: Gary said that he was too hard on himself and did not feel he was satisfied with his own performance. Raj wanted health problems removed as well as the fear of being changed. He also wanted to feel that his sobriety could ever be in danger!


Both men are great overcomers and I’m so proud to be in the game with them. Together we work to be game-changers! However we must always remember that our performance will never be as important as WHOM WE ARE! We are God’s children, created totally equal with purpose and meaning. Our path is perfect and we WILL complete our part of God’s perfect plan for the entire universe and its occupants!

Raj Describes 1 Year:

Alcoholic Raj Describes Year 1