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Recovery Homelessness and Drop in Centers

We discuss the particular needs of the homelessness in Barrie and the work Brent does as an outreach worker for the Greg Busby Drop in Centre in Barrie. We touch on the release of the incarcerated, particularly the female inmates who have few services to help them!

Scott discusses “everyone has a story” and Scott’s story involves getting all those stories shared so that NOONE who needs a piece of someone else’s story to survive, will be MISSED!! We do not know when we will be face to face with the ONE with that particular NEED therefore we MUST be transparent and express who we are and how we got there. you are so important!!

Susan speaks of a journey from darkness to faith with the secret “get back up and carry on”!

Our hurts lead us to PURPOSE when only we will look at and be with them, fully aware!!

STB Radio Show on Recovery Homelessness and Drop in Centers

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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No One Is Worthless

Bible Reading: 25: 14-30

A small portion of text taken from The Life Recovery Devotional(Which we use in our daily meetings).

Step Three – Day 14.

We made a decision to turn our wills and our lives over to the care of God

When we’ve come out of a difficult season of life, we tend to think of our lives as a mess. But we need to realize that there is more in our lives than pain and problems; there is more to us than our addictions. If we’ve been treated as worthless, we may overlook our many assets-our talents, resources, and abilities. God wants these turned over to him, too…

God wants all of us because He loves all of us.


Every month of the year we have a particular Step for that entire month, And this month we are on Step 9. If you are interested in joining us in one of our meetings we would love to have you. For a meeting nearby you and for the location and times please Click Here For Calendar.

A Thought for the Day : : Have I cast all of my burdens and concerns to Him(God) who loves us.

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