Ride for Refuge with Sharing The Burden

Ride for Refuge with Sharing the Burden

Start or join a Ride for Refuge team for Sharing The Burden by clicking here and change the lives of 250 people who are hurting.

What is the Ride for Refuge?

“The Ride for Refuge helps some remarkable charities raise much needed money for their tireless and determined work with displaced, vulnerable, and exploited people around the world. The RIDE requires all charities to apply for participation in our RIDE Charity Grant Program and each charity must fit both the people criteria above and the program criteria below:

Relief & Aid: Direct aid for catastrophe, war and oppression
Development & Reconstruction: Direct or third-party NGO support for development and reconstruction initiatives including microfinance and sustainable funding
Food & Water: Programs supporting nutrition, food banks, missions and accessible water
Shelter & Housing: Any shelter whether temporary, permanent, or expansion
Medical & Dental: Treatment, follow-up care including HIV clinics, pediatrics, pain management and all necessary supplies
Education & Tuition: Job skills, trades, ESL, career, tuition support and Biblical curriculum and training
Settlement & Acclimatization: New arrival support, training and financial aid
Counsel & Legal: Spiritual counselling, development, discipleship, care for post-traumatic stress syndrome, and immigration and refugee claim legal counsel”

Read more about the Ride for Refuge and their “Passion for People” by clicking here.