Scott’s Journey to Sharing The Burden

Scott Duncan's personal journey to Sharing The Burden

Scott Duncan has spent over 20 years encouraging other people by sharing his personal experience, strength and hope. It was personal experience that revealed for him the healing that comes from the freedom that’s enabled by twelve-step recovery and its spirituality.

In 2004, after ten years of twelve-step recovery for codependency, Sharing The Burden’s history began when Scott decided to help others by sharing his personal experience of growth in twelve-step recovery for codependency. Strengthened and energized by the freedom and recovery, he realized that twelve-step group support recovery could help anyone with a burden. He decided that the support of healing should be available for sharing with everyone and Sharing The Burden was born.

Then, in 2012, the loss of a family member became the call for more from Sharing The Burden. From then on, the key message from Sharing The Burden would be togetherness. Prior to the death caused by addiction, the close relationship he and his family member were able to share was because of the common understanding that they acquired from twelve-step recovery.

Following the death, he understood even more clearly that the togetherness they both experienced was enabled by twelve-step recovery and its spirituality. And that the twelve-step recovery enabled something more, communication that goes far beyond any ordinary conversation. Because of these key ingredients in their relationship, the family member and he really knew each other and also knew that they loved each other. The two important characteristics of their relationship which they had gained through twelve-step recovery, togetherness and communication, led them to this shared experience. Scott later named this experience Co-recovery. Now, he and his wife Julia include this vital message at every opportunity.