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Transparent in Recovery

This Weeks blog post is all about being Transparent in Recovery, Our day to day struggles with Mental health and Addictions.

Eddy speaks of his progress with borderline personality disorder and addiction. His relationship with God, his sponsor and other program people give him the power to keep his recovery alive at any cost. Eddy’s honesty and transparency are a necessity to survive and live productively with the two evils of mental illness and addiction, Eddy’s participation on Sharing The Burden Live as his story develops, is such a miracle gift for those in similar circumstances who may be feeling hopeless! Eddy shares it all and sacrifices his anonymity for others! He is one of my heroes.

Jonathan is Sharing The Burden’s youngest board member and integral to our growth as a charity that is extremely interested in supporting our troubled youth. He is a serious Christian and he takes recovery for all very seriously, as he demonstrates his own commitment by almost never missing a meeting. He will soon be a member of our prison ministry team bringing hope and a simple way of spiritual, practical living to the young adults in jail. These incarcerated individuals are learning our simple way and will bring it back, upon release, to strata of society that is rather unlikely to otherwise be exposed to this simple workable program of recovery. Listen as he speaks of the future and plans his wedding!

STB Live Radio Show – August 22, 2017.

Part – I

Part – II

Part – III



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Honest Grieving

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 1:2-18
Text taken from The Life Recovery Devotional(Which we use in our daily meetings) – Step Two – Day 15.

Sometimes what people see as insane behavior is really grief expressed. At these times we need loving support to acknowledge our pain. As we turn to face our pain and grief we will discover that God is there with us.

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Every month of the year we have a particular Step for that entire month, And this month we are on Step 8. If you are interested in joining us in one of our meetings we would love to have you. For a meeting nearby you and for the location and times please Click Here For Calendar.

A Thought for the Day : : You are no longer alone

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