Why We Came?

After 20 years of 12 step, the 2nd step spoke differently to me this month as we began our dig into its significance. We spend the corresponding month (2nd month February-Step 2) focused on the depth and totality of each step, searching out its spiritual message and its special teaching for each individual!


“We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity!”

I looked at those first four words and I knew why we came to the programs of 12 step recovery!

We came——to believe or we came so that we could believe in something or we came because we did not know how to believe in anything and therefore said we believed in nothing or we came because someone else believed there was hope for us or we had tried everything imaginable and we had to find a way TO BELIEVE in something or we would surely die of our predicament in life, whatever that may have been.

WE CAME so that TO BELIEVE could provide the hope that would keep us coming back, until the decision to believe felt real and the concept of knowing God (the personal and unique way that each of us do so) and trusting in that God empowered us to follow all the steps to FREEDOM!