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Sharing The Burden

We’re here for you

How we help share the burden

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Sharing The Burden

We’re Here For You

Our meetings are a safe place where the weight of addiction, depression, chronic pain, bereavement, and toxic relationships can be eased by sharing all which encumbers us. “No one should be without hope!! Our STB meetings to recovery and spirituality know no bounds!!”

What happens when we share the burden

Sharing the Burden is a place where all are welcome. It has been a place for me to share my burdens and meet with people facing the same challenges. I am so grateful to STB


Since coming to STB, a lot of great things have happened.  I’ve been able to cope with life’s circumstances. My relationships with family and friends has blossomed into a state that I can’t believe and at times I don’t think that I deserve the amount of support


I found Sharing the Burden while I was in Jail, and the help I have gotten from hearing others triumph over their addictions, makes me want to triumph over mine


STB is my place of comfort, no fear in saying the wrong thing, I can relate to love, caring and honest people, I place I can feel at home


Nobody is ever judged at STB and being involved with this group has helped me find a spiritual journey toward recovery


When you are down the members will prop you up, when you are hurting the members will patch you up and help you. When you need love, the members will show love


I have built a trusting and healthy relationship with my “higher power”, who i choose to call God


No matter who we are or what we have done, there is hope, faith, honesty & forgiveness 

God Bless


Sharing the light for your journey